Single review – The Post Romantics ‘Ride’

Genre defying four piece The Post Romantics have released their second single ‘Ride’. The band of brothers Connor, Cameron and Liam Cockbain along with school friend Sam Barton are building solidly on their first single ‘Call It Off’ which gained plays across the country, increasing their ever growing live repertoire and reputation as one of the most exciting new bands on the rapidly re-emerging Liverpool scene. The single was recorded at the legendary Motor Museum in Liverpool by Bring me the Horizon producer Al groves alongside Cal Cowie, with the latter’s urban influence shining through. 

Sounding much more at home on the west coast of America and expanding their sound with ‘Ride’, the track swaggers with a heavy hip hop groove and eerie guitars and synths, building to the infectious chorus. Vocalist Connor Cockbain puts in an emotive, almost tortured performance, reminiscent of a ‘Songs Of Faith and Devotion’ era Dave Gahan, but put against a very 2019 backdrop. Expect to hear a lot more from these Merseysiders.

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