Single Review: Cerrone Unveils Remix of His New Track ‘The Impact’

French Disco pioneer CERRONE today unveils a spaced-out new remix by two of his most prodigal sons: LINDSTRØM & PRINS THOMAS.

Lindstrøm & Prins’ remix also follows the recently unveiled Neo-Disco Remix by Mercer, which saw the celebrated DJ & producer skilfully infuse Cerrone’s revitalized disco sound with his own EDM-inspired production. A self-professed fan of Cerrone and fellow Frenchman, Mercer spoke of his honour at being invited to put his spin on ‘The Impact’:

“I receive a lot of remix requests but was truly honoured when I received one from Cerrone himself. I used to listen to his albums a lot when I was younger, he’s brought so much to disco and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him and his work. His single “The Impact” is very spatial and cosmic, I liked the vibe and particularly these Supernature-inspired arpeggios. I wanted to give it something more punchy made for clubs.”

Relaying a message about climate change-awareness, ‘The Impact’ also sees Cerrone sample a speech from world-famous anthropologist Jane Goodall. While the musical formula is played-with in both remixes, the stark warning of her immortal words to humanity is respectfully undiluted and remains evocatively poignant in each. Watch the Official Music Video for ‘The Impact’:

‘The Impact’ is the first single to be taken from Cerrone’s upcoming album ‘DNA’. Set for release early-on in 2020, the new album arrives as his first studio release since 2016’s ‘Red Lips’. Handling all of the production for ‘DNA’ entirely himself, the new record definitively marks a return to Cerrone’s roots in disco music. Speaking about the upcoming album Cerrone says:

“These past five years, I have developed a new form of performance through DJing, playing mostly my own repertoire. This has allowed me to revisit my catalogue and inspired the making of this album, an exploration of my musical DNA through my experience as a DJ.”

From the first beat you know this track is going to belter, and one you’ll be hearing across all dancefloors in the months to come. It starts off with a sick groove that you can’t NOT tap your foot to, with an ominous background synth giving the track a euphoric feel.
The track slowly builds up with other subtilties creeping in here and there. the track grows, getting towards quite a big sound then fades about halfway through – It’s at this point where the sample of Jane Goodall comes in, which is sure to put shivers up your spine!
Listening to the track along with the video gives you a true sense of nature, the problems caused since the industrial revolution and how much pollution humans are pumping into the air every minute….every second! panning off to show derelict forests, rivers and mountains, the ending of this track is well rounded and even though it’s a lengthy 10:18, you wouldn’t think it as you are entranced by the euphoria for the full journey of this track.

Cerrone has also confirmed he will be playing a handful of tour dates across North America and Europe in early 2020 in support of his new album – watch this space for further details.

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