Beggars and Domino make a massive move to independent US Distributor

North American indie distributor Redeye has picked up some big labels for 2020

North Carolina based distributor Redeye have announced US distribution deals for physical products with Beggars Group, Domino and Saddle Creek.

Forthcoming titles in the new deal include Grimes’ Miss Anthropocene (4AD), Pinegrove’s Marigold (Rough Trade), Dan Deacon’s Mystic Familiar (Domino) and Frances Quinlan’s Likewise (Saddle Creek).

“Redeye prides itself on our relationships with our customers and label partners,” said Glenn Dicker, co-founder of Redeye. “Over the years, we have looked at the Beggars Group as the gold standard of what could be achieved by an independent company with hard work and dedication to artists and music. Additionally, Domino and Saddle Creek are among the many great labels we’ve stayed connected to over the years so we’re proud to now have them all as part of the family.”  

This is a huge move for Beggars Group as it now means that they are fully independently distributed worldwide. Beggars chairman, Martin Mills expresses his enthusiasm surrounding the move:

“Now that physical is such a small and decreasing part of the majors’ business, for indies, to whom physical, and especially vinyl, is so much more important, to partner with the majors for distribution has become arguably anachronistic. Beggars works with great, fully independent distributors everywhere else in the world, and believes in bringing the advantages of our scale to the sector; and much as we’re sorry to leave ADA, with whom we’ve had incredible success, we’re very happy to be fully independently distributed at last in the USA.”

Beggars Group Labels

“It’s been impressive to watch how Glenn Dicker, Tor Hansen, and the Redeye team have grown the company over the past decade, and we’re very excited to be starting the new one with them as our distribution partner.” – Kris Gillespie (Domino MD).

“Redeye feels like the right place for us to be, with a staff that is clearly made up of music fans and creators, we are excited to be a part of the independent community at Redeye and we look forward to growing together in the future.” – Robb Nansel (Saddle Creek)

News sourced from Music Week

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