The Nightflight Orchestra release official music video for new track ‘Divinyls’

European tour taking place this march in support of upcoming album ‘Aeromantic’ due out Feb 28th via Nuclear Blast Records

The Nightflight Orchestra are a brilliant Swedish collaboration project between members of two Death Metal bands, Soilwork and Arch Enemy. Between them, they have created a brilliant 80’s infused disco metal band who take inspiration from old-school movie and game soundtracks, and those 80’s bangers we all know and love.

The Nightflight Orchestra are set to take off with the release of their intergalactic new album ‘Aeromantic’ on February 28 via Nuclear Blast. “More drama” is the name of the game – and the band delivers a dose of class in their official music video for the first single ‘Divinyls’, directed by René U Valdes of Bravo Bravo Films:

This new track and possibly other parts of the album are inspired by the greatest selling pop group of all time….ABBA! You can definitely hear the influence within the first part of this new single. This plus….Drama!

Official Music Video

On February 28th, we will release our new album, ‘Aeromantic’. It is a street opera based upon shattered dreams, broken illusions, and the fact that we are all something much less than the person we were supposed to be. But in the darkness there’s a always a glimmer of hope. And from that glimmer of hope, with the right mindset, you can sculpt and create a whole lot of Swedish classic rock melodrama.

‘Aeromantic’ – Track Listing:

01. Servants Of The Air
02. Divinyls
03. If Tonight Is Our Only Chance
04. This Boy’s Last Summer
05. Curves
06. Transmissions
07. Aeromantic
08. Golden Swansdown
09. Taurus
10. Carmencita Seven
11. Sister Mercurial
12. Dead Of Winter

‘Aeromantic’ was recorded at the Nordic Sound Labs using the same drum kit that was used during the recordings of ABBA‘s 1980 mega album ‘Super Trouper’! Need any more proof?!

Tour dates 2020