Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-



The multi-award winning online radio station Reform Radio have partnered with Jägermeister and Arts Council England to present their latest project, Co-lab Theory. This comes as the evolution of their Rhythm Lab project in 2017.

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-
Malik & the O.Gs and Mr Scruff

Starting their life in a basement in South Manchester in 2013, it really has been a story of rise and rise for Reform Radio. In 2015, they moved to the iconic Old Granada Studios, and on 3rd October they started 24/7 broadcasting music, arts and culture to the world. Now working with support from Allied London as on of their St John’s Projects, Reform Radio find themselves at the forefront of a new era of international broadcasting. They boast an active community of over 200 of Manchester’s most respected artists, creatives, DJs and multi-platform content makers.

Gorilla in Manchester was host to the project on 30th January, seeing eight local emerging artists partnering up with an established Manchester based artist to produce a new original piece of music in just 16 hours. Nurturing and supporting emerging talent is what Reform Radio is really about, and so this event was the perfect opportunity to highlight the work that are constantly doing. As well as creating a piece of music, the eight artists also collaborated with a local visual artist to create a film feature to accompany the track.

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-
Rhod Parry

Collaborating with the local artists were industry talents, including the legendary DJ and Producer Mr Scruff, founding DJs of leading label and club night Swing Ting, Balraj Samrai and Ruben Platt, spoken word genius and life-long collaborator with Gil Scott-Heron, Malik and The O.Gs, as well as producer and DJ, Kill Miami, who has produced for the likes of IAMDDB, Octavian and Raekwon. Joining this already impressive lineup are alternative RnB band, LoveScene, DJ and producer Werkha, electronic composer-producer Mandy Wigby and singer, songwriter and producer Caoilfhionn Rose.

Set in the intimate setting that is Gorilla, Iora, Indigo, Anamelia, Rhod Parry, Superlative, PERiiSU, Alice Moiselle and Josh Matthews revealed their tracks with visual art by Debbie Collin, Jason Edmunds, Ellis Meade, Renata Leemhuis, Rosie Eliza, Johan Reitan, Corina Bebere and Nick Wood.

Photo by Jack Kirwin -JK Photography-

As well as the nurturing and supporting that comes from Reform Radio, there was also support and feedback from a Virtual Panel formulated of industry experts – Creative Director of Thirty Pound Gentleman, Danny Fahey, Natalie Morris-Lea, Head of Club, Live & Entertainment at Albert Hall, Head of Ticketing of SJM Concerts, Emma Munton and Kamila Rymajdo, i-D’s Northern Correspondent and writer for Vice, Mixmag and Dazed.

The Chief Executive of the Arts Council England, Darren Henley said that “The team at Reform Radio are doing some fantastic work in providing career development and opportunities for emerging digital artists and in supporting the creation, production and distribution of new content which is being broadcast through their online station. I’m really please that we’re investing in them as they go from strength to strength as an innovative and dynamic organisation that is embedded in the Greater Manchester music scene.”