Introducing: caroline

Rough Trades latest signee, ‘caroline’ are an unconventional, yet impressive group. They are an eight piece, post rock outfit from London. Creating movements rather than songs. Their two recorded pieces are recorded in empty pools.

The first: ‘Pool #1 – Dark blue’ features some distant violins smothered in reverb, causing a haas effect to the ear. These are later built upon with some guitar patterns that sound straight out of the Slint playbook, some atmospheric drums, dissonant violins and sparse vocals. Yet just as its building into a crescendo it trickles down into a reversed soundscape and back to its originating pattern. It is supported by a visually pleasing music video directed by the group themselves.

The second (unreleased out of a live setting), ‘Pool #2 – Skydiving onto the library roof’ has a greater focus on a mesmerizing chello line, scintillating guitars and irish tradition like vocals, again smeared in reverb. ‘Skydiving onto the library the roof’ shows its true colours as a counterpart to ‘Dark blue’ in structure, but this time becomes heavier. Some off kilter drums flicker in and out of the track, giving a punky fury. It’s downright brilliant. Whilst having sparse material to their name, the group are down to support Lankum, alongisde embarking on a short UK tour.

In the short time of their formation, they have gained fans from the members of Black Midi, Georgia and Pottery. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled a Brian Eno, and did a collaborative album named ‘Music For Pools’.

For fans of: Explosions In The Sky, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Late 90s Swans

Photo Credit: Chan Kim

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