Album Review: FOURS – SOAK

Edith Violet lends her unique vocals to this project adding an individual flare to the recognisable landscape that is pop rock music. Although some songs initially can come across as monotonous, there is a comfort that comes along with this easy listening.

Violet is the driving force behind the music as, even though there are some Katy Perry-esque vocal techniques going on, this voice undoubtedly belongs to FOURS and FOURS alone. More development could perhaps be in the cards for the instrumentation and production of the tracks but there are definitely highlights such as the opening of ‘Out of My Depth’ which teases at a grand, almost dance track feel at the beginning which unfortunately becomes stagnant in the verses after this initial excitement is created. However, the chorus comes in to save this making the lacklustre verses almost forgivable.

‘Jay’, the opening to Soak, is probably the strongest song on the album on the initial listen. It is easy, recognisable and I could imagine radio stations eager to involve this in their roster. This track would seem to be at home in a modern Paramore album, mirroring their upbeat and positive guitar pop sound. After listening to this album, this was the song I had stuck in my head.

Similar sounds exist through the likes of The 1975 and Paramore, each with their own unique twist on the crowded genre but FOURS seem to have carved out their own edge of the pie. It will be interesting to see if this will resonate and extend to a wider audience. Like most spaces in music nowadays, the question may be whether they can be heard over, or as well as, the established competition that already takes up most of the space available.

Are they at the same level as their iconic competitors yet? Most likely not. Do they have the potential? Absolutely. With Edith Violet at the helm, FOURS has the potential to expand their horizons and create something truly unique.

I can predict a bright future ahead with a demand for gigs and hopefully more risk taking with regards to song writing, bringing FOURS to a whole new level. 

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