The Covasettes Release ‘Spin’ Amid COVID Chaos


Manchester based Indie band ‘The Covasettes’ announce their latest release ‘Spin’ amongst the COVID chaos, which marks the band’s first release since July 2019.

Charging through a particularly bleak time in society, The Covasettes cut through with catchy guitar riffs and a side order of gumption. With a ‘new decade, new me’ mindset, the boys seem to have changed their tune significantly. Shedding the dreamy, summer-struck guise, they announce their new direction with absolutely no apologies.

From the get-go, ‘Spin’ takes no prisoners as it immediately imposes itself on its audience. Raining down heavy guitar riffs and rapturous vocals courtesy of Matt Hewlett (Lead Guitar) and Chris Buxton (Vocals), all the while being led by driven and determined rhythm elements provided by Jamie McIntyre (bass) and Matt Buckley (drums). This song retains all the elements that fans have grown to love about The Covasettes, whilst giving them something fresh to devote to.

Commenting on the track, frontman Chris Buxton said: “Spin is a song I’ve loved from the minute I had first written it on an acoustic guitar. It’s fierce and almost old school in its approach and I love it for that. It’s a powerful rock song which I think will certainly pound a few eardrums on its release.”

The boys are not afraid to return to their roots, as they follow with the vivacious B-side, ‘Irate’. This revitalized number from their earlier years offers a nostalgia trip for those fans who have been supporters of the band from the outset.

All in all, ‘Spin’ is an absolutely top drawer release. It reminds us what The Covasettes are truly capable of – it’s just a shame we had to wait so long.