Peter Bibby. Indie rock Aussie returns with something that may be a shock to the system. A good one though. Something I can only describe as Captain Beefheart (at his most overacted – screams and all) fronting The Pixies. His new single ‘Oceans’, supported by his raucous backing band ‘The Dog Act’ is the result of this. A complete 180 turn from the alternative rock, and witty lyrics of ‘Grand Champion’, Bibby proves to be more than one dimensional. Here bringing forth a ramble about seasick madness. Instrumentally presenting a combination of oscillating psychedelic riffs and shots of noisy punk. 

Bibby states that “‘Oceans’ started out as a little sea shanty-esque poem scrawled on a piece of paper about going mad in the middle of the ocean. With the help of the Dog Act (his band) it soon morphed into a fairly raucous tune. I used vibrato on the guitars to give it a wobbly seasick kind of sound, and we had some mates join us in the studio to sing along and clink beers together in the final chorus to give it the vibe of a pack of people getting drunk on a boat.”

He adds that “The video was shot around Fremantle over a weekend by Duncan Wright, Luna Laure and Rhys Jones who came up with the whole idea in no time flat after COVID-19 put holes in our original plan. I got to pretend I was a poorly dressed mermaid, a wharfy, a fisherman and a drowning guy as well as have a pretty damn good time doing it. I got a lot of seawater in my mouth for this video, but as we say in the game you have to suffer for the art. This is my second video featuring work overalls.” 

The song will be available digitally and on a limited edition 7” vinyl, paired with a B side “Quiver & Melt” from the same recording session. 

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