Hailing from Liverpool, Courting is a four piece band talking about British culture in a tongue in cheek satirical manner that we are seeing come through into much of British guitar music in the last few years. With elements of Britpop and punk meshed together this is a band for the new generation and are quickly making an impact since their first release in 2019. 

The music is rough and ready with distorted guitars and a shouted tone. Their first track ‘Not Yr Man’ goes in with a vibe akin to what you would hear from a band like Shame with guitar driven melodies and lyrics combining spoken word and sung elements, common for  any of the newest bands to take over the British rock scene. With two singles out in 2020, the highlight of their discography, Football, and new single David Byrnes Badside their music has the wit of Sports Team and the down to earth feel of Fontaines. I would have said this band would be everywhere on the festival circuit but sadly the current Pandemic has taken much of that away from us, though they would fit snugly into many lineups. 

They have described their music creation process as random, coming up with Football at 3 in the morning while watching Bob Ross, and this idea is one many musicians can relate to, the randomness of creative energy and the unpredictable nature of when you will be writing your next single. Their sound is fresh but with a smattering of the old with a Pulp and Blur vibes throughout their lyrics and if they keep up the pace don’t be surprised if they become a 6 Music favourites in no time at all 

For Fans Of: Shame, Fontaines D.C, Sports Team

Key Track: Football