Hailing from Hebden Bridge, The Lounge Society are a post punk group I caught merely by accident. They were supporting another group (The Wants), and blew them out the water (even if it was only to 30 people – shameful). Their set consisted of a myriad of sounds, collageing a number of influences atop of each other. I quoted the below about their performance:

‘One track sounds a bit like the Talking Heads covering The Beatles ‘Taxman’. The bass line is quite close admittedly, although it is made up for in their delivery. An erratic, off kilter, funky guitar is up centre, and the vocals are post punky. A bit like Mark E Smith of ‘The Fall’. No surprises when they are northern based. I don’t like to put names to it as they change faster than Bowie’s hair did. Another track has these psychedelicy, yet krautrockey sounds all over it in the guitar pedals. Try combining Neu with the opening cut on The Small Faces ‘Ogdens Nut Gone Flake’. All I can say is I think Dan Carey would get a kick out of recording them.’

The group have since (as predicted) became the newest Speedy Wunderground darlings. Their debut single, ‘Generation Game’ came out a few months back. A biting 5 minutes of unapologetic post punk, mixed with a tinge of psychedelic rock. Lyrically capturing the UK’s current political state of affairs, with some quite drab comparisons to the 1930s great depression. The limited vinyl release sold out it’s 250 units in a certifiable 2 days. The units were therefore increased to 500 (the only time besides with Black Midi). Kudos to them. Since then Lauren Laverne (BBC 6) has claimed the track to be ‘Like A Whole Fall Album In One Track‘. They are due to play their first headline tour later this year. One i’d reccomend jumping on the bandwagon for.

For fans of: ‘The Fall’, ‘Josef K’ , ‘Neu’.

Photo Credit: Piran Aston

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