This Is The Kit, alternative folk rock outfit, have announced their new LP, ‘Off Off On‘ this morning. The groups second project on the Rough Trade label, and fifth in general. The LP was finished in good timing, just before the coronavirus lockdown, and brought in production from Josh Kaufman. Member of Bonny Light, Horseman and Muzz. It comes out on the 23rd October 2020.

Lead single, ‘This Is What You Get’ , can be heard below. A number that at its core takes a irish traditional banjo for it’s sonic pallet. Atop of this some layered production is built. The best part is when the electric guitars are processed to have the same timbre as a trumpet that later comes in. One can barely tell the difference between the two. The layered up chorus vocals are demanding and straight to the point, but this just works. I thought it was about tinnitus initially, but learnt later that it’s any number of mental health issues. Lead Singer, Kate Stables explains the lyrics as: ‘A bit of a panic attack song. The negative voices of other people that are you’re own voice. Or are they? Hard to say when you’re in this kind of a place. How to get out of this place? Needing to get outside more. Cosmically topical what with these recent days of inside all the time. Knowing the things, you should do because they’re good for you and make you feel better but for some reason you still stay inside and fester in your own self-doubt and regret and self-loathing. Fun times! We all get into negative mind loops sometimes. Especially when you’re not getting the fresh air and outside time you need to stay healthy.” It is no doubt that this lot are getting better with age.

The band are due to play some intimate in stores for their album launch party in London, Portsmouth and Brighton, alongside a more ambitious date at London’s Royal Albert Hall come next April.

October 22nd 2020 – Banquet Records Instore (London)
October 24th 2020 (lunchtime) – Pie & Vinyl Instore (Portsmouth)
October 24th 2020 (evening) – Resident Music Instore (Brighton)

April 1st 2021 – London The Royal Albert Hall

The album can be pre ordered here: https://thisisthekit.ffm.to/offoffon