Jenna G at the #MCRBLM Protest

Today marks Jenna G‘s debut single release on Bandcamp with her project Jenna & The Gs in response to the global Black Lives Matter movement and continued protests in the UK against systemic racism. 

Moving Up, the funk fuelled floor filler, which calls for people to ‘wake up’ and affirms the ‘right to be free’ will be released on Bandcamp today with all sales proceeds going to Black Minds Matter UK and The Stephen Lawrence Trust. 

Artwork for Moving Up by Jenna & The Gs

Jenna speaks of the release, “‘I have created a track and a video from footage of protests around the UK, I wanted to create a vision in response to the repeated rhetoric that these protests are just about the US, because we know the UK is not innocent. 

“I hope to help keep the conversations going on how to better our understanding of racism and action equality as well as documenting the power of the UKs peaceful protests in the name Black Lives Matter. 

“I am really grateful for the support from my creative network in Manchester and to all the amazing photographers and videographers across the country for collaborating with me to create this impacting visual representation of today’s time. It’s a real example of the power people have when they come together for a common goal, reaffirming the sentiment of the song and energy of the protests” 

“I really want things to change, I know a song alone won’t do that but we all have a role to play in this time of revolution. Donating all proceeds from this single will help to support those fighting on the frontline for the dismantling of the racist systems at play in the UK as well as supporting the mental well being of the black community”.

Moving Up will be released today – Friday 3rd July 2020 – on Bandcamp’s Artist Day and the video will be premiered on Jenna Gs Facebook and YouTube channels at 3pm.