Abbie Ozard gifts us with ‘TV Kween’

Well, tbh, I’m going to start this article off by saying I’m probably very biased being an already fully-fledged Abbie Ozard fan. Rest assured though, I guarantee you that this is, a certified bop.

TV Kween was released yesterday, not too long after recent single ‘Pink Sky’. When talking about ‘Pink Sky’, dream pop princess Ozard claimed “when it was written it felt like the first time I actually knew who I was musically”, and to us the fans, it shows.

It has been an absolute pleasure to follow Ozard on her journey to finding her sound, witnessing the likes of her previous indie-pop-gold songs ‘Crocodile Tears’ and ‘Heartbreak Radio’. 

However, this new era of power-puff pink Abbie Ozard we have seen come into fruition this year, supported by these two latest tracks are the proof in the strawberry pudding, that Abbie Ozard is Manchester’s next big hit.

Swaggering sugar-coated vocals, enthusing guitar riffs paired with a music video oozing girl power and fun, this is quite possibly the greatest thing to come out of lockdown.

Commenting on the release, Ozard says “i’m v proud of how this little lockdown project has turned out and i hope u love this song and video as much as i do :)) thank u Charlotte Rudd for being such a talented bean and filming directing n editing the video with me in a mad little caravan on her tomato farm”.

Catch me later singing this into my hairbrush.

LISTEN below:

Watch the VIDEO here: