Describing their sound as: ‘Bo Diddley if he ate a big club sandwich’. I present to you, PVA. The closest thing you will get to a revival of the 90s rave scene.

Sporning from Manchester and London, the trio have spent the majority of last year, and the start of this cancelled one, playing gigs throughout the UK. Building an underground following, playing infectious unreleased music. Mixing disco like synths, thrashing drum machines and noisy guitars. Somehow merging the 90s rave scene with New Waveisms.Their colorful live shows play out like an acid trip set to music. Frontwoman, Ella Harris adds to this, with her quirky lyricism, sometimes making the trip feel more like a fever dream.

Take their lead (and only) single, ‘Divine Intervention’ . A track written as far back as 2017. A toe tapping banger with curious lyrics about trying to figure out who you are through past experiences. At one point going to the point of connecting with God in a dream. Continuing a trend I love in music like this. Lyrics that are the complete altercation to its playful instrumentation.

The track was released on the prestigious Speedy Wunderground label, who to my ears really can’t do wrong. The labels Pierre Hall describes the group better than me. He says they remind him of “Patti Smith fronting Factory Floor.” This is definetely a group high up on my list to see at the end of this corona crisis.

For Fans Of: LCD Soundsystem, Kraftwerk

Photo Credit: Jody Evans