Lazy Chain
Review, Lazy Chain



When it comes to the up and comers of the alternative music scene, no one does eclecticism quite like Lazy Chain. Whether it’s their slow burning, quietly intense debut single ‘Opium Sky’ or their latest maddening cut ‘Put Down the Cabbage, Pick Up the Pitchfork’ there is always an underlying sense that everything is fucked.

Since forming in 2019 after meeting each other on the Isle of Wight, this band has yet to disappoint anyone that has had the good fortune of coming across them. Combining clean, warm guitar sounds with mixed gendered vocals and lyrics that beg to be repeated there is really nothing that separates them from bands like Goat Girl, Fontaines D.C and The Blinders that are blowing up in scenes across Britain. Except maybe 3 miles of water.

Taking strong influence from bands like The Pixies there really is no reason this band can’t go as far as they choose. After talking to the lyricists, Dan and Harry, you definitely get the feeling that the best is yet to come. With a new single ‘Ambrosia Delight’ lined up for as soon as they are able to play a release show and plans to put their foot down in the studio, next year everything really does seem inevitable.

KEY TRACK: ‘Put Down the Cabbage, Pick Up the Pitchfork’ – this high-octane punk track really gives off a ‘bull in a china shop’ vibe. If the bull in question was on fire, having a panic attack.

FOR FANS OF: The Pixies, Goat Girl, Cabbage