Exploring the morality of oneself is a perplexing challenge, even more so if you’re a 20-year-old rock star. The latest single taken from the London-based Beatrice Lau’s debut album ‘Fake It Flowers’ hits hard. Bea says “Worth It is simply about teenage infidelity and the mistakes one can make when they’re tempted to do things”. The tune itself is dripping with conflicting emotions. For example Bea talks about “your eyes are just like his, But your face is a bit different”. This to me sounds like a young lady who is torn between what she already has and the exciting uncertainty of what she has yet too find.

The tune overall sounds like something out of a 00’s rom com, but one you’ll more than likely to be enthralled by. From the drums that slap you in face, to the downward strummed crunchy guitar the whole tune definition of a Gen Z rock tune. Its loud. Its in your face, and its beautifully unapologetic. One of my particularly favorite aspects of this tune is the subtle use of synth. Its used thought the track but its something I personally think hasn’t been explored by Bea yet. This just shows her ability to experiment with new sounds without completely changing her own style. If this is what the kids have in store for us, the future is in good hands.