Introducing: The Clockworks

Photo Credit: Oscar J Ryan

With only five songs out, the first of which coming out in 2019, it’s no wonder The Clockworks aren’t surrounded by a massive amount of hype right now. However, that doesn’t mean that the Irish four piece doesn’t deserve some. I first came across them after being aggressively advertised them on Instagram and twitter. At first the incessant adverts made me hate them, but after finally giving the advert a listen I was immediately intrigued with the first line of their latest single, “It was a Tuesday, and it was bleak.” Listen, it might not be the greatest lyric ever but the mix of a catchy enough riff and pseudo-poeticism got me interested.

By no means, so far anyway, are The Clockworks doing anything radical within the rock scene but neither are a lot of bands within they’re first five singles. This piece’s purpose isn’t for me to tell you this new band is the greatest thing since sliced bread, they’re not, but I have to say that there is something there. Perhaps their music will just evolve into pretentious drivel, but I, much like Alan McGee who liked them enough to sign them, wouldn’t be surprised if an album worth talking about also came from them in the next year or two.

KEY TRACK: Enough is Never Enough – With a catchy riff and a chorus that gets stuck in your head this song fits onto any indie kids ‘ kebab on the night bus ’ playlist.

FOR FANS OF: The Murder Capital, Frank Turner, The Killers.