We are soon to be living in a Pixie world. At just 20 years old, Leeds based singer and songwriter, Pixie Cola has perfected her sound and she casts the spell so effortlessly. A perfect initiation into Pixie’s world starts by listening to her Live from Nando’s Yard in Leeds on YouTube – 12 minutes of soft, soothing and truly rhythmical vocals over Lofi Hip Hop and muffled Garage soundtracks (a match made in Lofi Hip Hop radio heaven). 

Last year, a video of Pixie Cola covering ‘If I Were A Boy’ by Beyoncé gained 30,700 views on YouTube. The first comment reads, “I hate the fact that other singers who aren’t that good get more views and you are totally amazing and you aren’t blown up. I love this and your voice! Subscribed”. Two fellow YouTubers commented in agreement. Other comments state that it made them cry. It gave me goosebumps and that feeling in your stomach that only certain singers can give you.

Pixie seems to have found her path since then through the underground music scene in Leeds. She has performed in both Leeds and London for the Readymeal Sound collective in which they managed to squeeze in between lockdowns. Just four days ago they announced that her debut release will be on their label, a project they have been working on over the last year. “Expect stripped back soul with Pixie’s incredible vocals pulling everything together”, they announced on Facebook

She certainly has the Leeds university student look – noughties baggy trousers, crop top and hoops – but this time it’s not paired with dance music nor a Poundland Bandit starter pack. Instead, soulful jazz with empowering lyrics. An artist that is only just getting started. As Pixie says in her Instagram bio, “go get u some pixie dust”.

‘You’re Living in Pixie World Vol.1’ is out next Friday 19th February and is available to pre-save on Spotify now.

KEY TRACK: ‘Temple’ : A song that every twenty something needs to listen to when they look in the mirror and recite the lyrics: my body is a temple and I will love me for that.

FOR FANS OF: SZA, London Grammar, Joy Crookes