Album Review: Headie One – Edna (Deluxe)


Following last year’s chart topping album Edna, Tottenham rapper Headie One is now set to release the deluxe version of his game changing debut album featuring 8 previously unheard tracks boasting features from artists such as Burna Boy, Rich The Kid, NorthSideBenji and RV. After the rapper teased the album back in October tweeting “Deluxe cough cough” it is finally set to be released on February 12th. 

Edna, named after the rapper’s late mother, draws features from some of the most prolific names in music, not only in the UK but around the world such as Drake and Future, along with features from Uk rappers Skepta and AJ Tracey amongst others, a huge milestone for UK rap and drill music. Whilst managing to stay true to his musical roots, certain tracks on this album move away from the gritty drill sound Headie One fans are used to hearing, with songs such as Princess Cuts (featuring Young T & Bugsey) opting for a more cheerful style in contrast to other songs on the album such as opening track ‘Teach Me’ where the artist reminisces about his challenging youth growing up on the notorious Broadwater Farm estate. 

The re-release introduces 8 new tracks to the album offering a variety of sounds, with some songs sticking to the typical drill style associated with Headie One, whilst others take a more melodic approach with more focus placed on vocal melodies as opposed to the drill flows heard throughout the rest of the album. A varying style of beats can also be heard in the newly introduced tracks with producers moving away from the dark piano melodies and rolling hi hats often heard in Headie One’s music and placing more emphasis on bright guitar melodies heard in tracks such as Siberia (featuring Burna Boy) and more experimental styles heard in tracks such as Bussdown (Featuring Rich The Kid). 

The deluxe version of Edna further displays the range which Headie One is capable of and reinforces that he is currently one of the best rappers in the game. This album will likely pave the way for other UK drill/rap artists and inspire more collaborations with artists and producers from overseas, continuing to grow the popularity of UK rap around the world and further develop the genre. There is no doubt that this release will once again see Headie One achieve chart success after reaching the number one spot in the UK charts with the release of his debut album last year.