Pixie Cola album cover

EP Review: Pixie Cola – You’re Living In Pixie World (Vol.1)


Enter Pixie Cola’s sphere in her latest opuscule. Today, the Leeds based singer-songwriter embarks on her debut release with Readymeal Sound. A collective and label she has found underground acclaim on. ‘You’re Living In Pixie World, Vol 1’ is a four track EP of elegant, empowering and emotional vocals over Lofi hip-hop beats. This is infused with jazz chords that are smooth yet delicate. The songs presented in this project set foot into the world at an appropriate time, with relaxing soundscapes on the rise.

Your Feelings’ starts the EP, setting the precedent. Pixie sings, “don’t you know we’re on the move to feeling good”, as some Lofi drums kick in. Her voice is compelling and her lyrics speak to her listener simply. We should all take notes from the positive talking Pixie! The tempo remains slow in the following, ‘Colour Blind’. A track where Pixie takes us deeper into her world, fluctuating through each verse with vocal flourishes. 

You can hear Pixie’s influences from the student music scene in Leeds throughout this EP. The project feels like Pixie has created a grown up version of the infamous SoundCloud liquid DnB tracks with unknown vocalists. ‘Stick With Me’ follows suit while the Rhodes piano chords uplift the otherwise sulky lyrics, “stuck in a rud”. The mood swings to a more peaceful tone with ‘Temple’ to conclude the EP, accompanied by an incredibly beautiful guitar lick that appears throughout. You can’t help but sing along to this one.

Evidently, Pixie Cola isn’t the first to be releasing Lofi music at the moment, however her voice makes all the difference. Expect to play her EP at any time of the day, singing along to each song, channeling your emotions and being proud of yourself for making it through yet another day in lockdown.