Out Today: Parallel Action ft. Charlie Boy Manson – Memories

‘Memories’ is out today with the official video now live on C7NEMA100’s YouTube channel. The soundtrack that completes Parallel Action and Charlie Boy Manson’s collaborative EP, available to purchase on Bandcamp via Loose Lips and C7NEMA100 either as digital or limited edition 12” vinyl. 

Inspired through sonic vision and the harmony between two artists. Jude Greenaway and Charlie Boy Manson have formed this project into an ultimate blend of talent with creative collaboration at its root. ‘Memories’ encompasses intense and unapologetic bars from Charlie Boy Manson over trip hop breaks and the sound system basslines of Parallel Action, which is Greenaway’s latest alias.  

Prior to this, Greenaway has been producing and performing under the guise of ScanOne since 1997. Originating from the worlds of Drum & Bass and Hardcore, this new direction as Parallel Action sees him experiment with raw production, downtempo electronics and hip-hop influenced beats.  

Charlie Boy Manson entered the musical realm in 2018, becoming well known for his uniquely poetic yet twisted style and consistently collaborating with forward thinking producers. His debut project ‘Charlie Boy Manson and The Handsome Family’ is an ode to this, which was shortly followed by two remix EPs with a grand total of nine collaborators.

The video for ‘Memories’ was filmed last year at Loose Lips’ studio in Manchester, then edited by Greenaway who destroyed and distorted the footage before rebuilding it to match how our brains work when recalling memories – encoding, storing, retrieving. Greenaway brings the effect of printed images to life with splintered movement throughout the video albeit maintaining the feel of a live performance.

Carrying a fragmented flow, it’s a powerful and authentic way of telling the story of the track. Charlie Boy Manson says it to be a raw overview of life, living with conflictions of desire and pressures of making the right choices. Reflecting on the decisions he’s made thus far and how it has shaped him to be the man he is today, whether he likes it or not. The grading fits perfectly to the hedonistic character of the rapper, simultaneously symbolising danger and courage. 

These four forces of cutting edge talent wish to highlight the power of alliance in art across generations. You will want to play this one as loud as possible! It’s energetic, direct and bustling with character.