Introducing: Bilk.

Image: Dork

After releasing their debut single back in 2018, indie rock Essex trio Bilk have released a string of other singles and a lone EP in 2019. Their discography is a weird one, even so early on in their career because their sound is so consistently recognisable throughout all of their songs and yet the quality of their music goes from spot on coked up indie rock anthems to laidback indie misfires. 

That being said Bilk are still well and truly a band in their infancy and the highs so far have been well worth the lows, with consistent witty lyricism that keeps the listener laughing and moving. When they’re on form also pairing these lyrics with choppy guitars and clean, to the point drumming to make songs that deserve to be on anyone’s indie rock playlist.

If they manage to find their footing more consistently there’s no stopping Bilk from becoming one of the most exciting young bands to come out of London right now, with a sound that lends itself perfectly to the live experience I wouldn’t be surprised if things start to blow up for Bilk when live shows are back on.

KEY TRACK: I Got Knocked out the Same Night England Did – Almost making the listener feel like it’s them that’s getting kicked in the chest by drunken England fans, this is Bilk at their most vivid.

FOR FANS OF: Jamie T, Slaves, Lady Bird