Kitten Pyramid announce new ‘7 Day Duvet’ video

Having recently reviewed Kitten Pyramid’s dazzling sophomore effort, it was then announced that the band were set to release a video for “7 Day Duvet”. When contacted by New Sounds, singer/songwriter Scott Milligan confirmed that he indeed directed the video featured at the bottom of this page. 

I don’t really have the luxury of having any choice,” he cackles. “I’ve worked in commercial film for long time, so I knew how to handle a camera…lights..editing..all that kind of stuff. So, I don’t know. I do like the idea of having a crew…But maybe I’ve done too many my old way, so I might find it a bit restrictive.” 

Without anyone breathing down his neck, Milligan considers it “freeing” to direct by himself. Chuckling into the camera, Milligan turns to a quote uttered by George Harrison. Out of all the bands that followed The Beatles in their wake, Harrison felt that Monty Python was the outfit that best channelled their anarchic spirit: “A lot of the stuff that I’m doing, I’m trying to be as daft as, say, Monty Python, but obviously not as funny; the music counterbalances it. The silliness of Python, I try to bring into my stuff, against the advice of everyone I know. [They] think I should be way more serious: more slow shots, more deadpan shots. I just can’t be that serious.” 

Rather the “7 Day Duvet” video essays the tale of a pet abandoned by the owners who once based their lives around it. “The premise of the video is quite simple,” Milligan says. “ It’s about an office goldfish, so that was quite an easy thing to think about…I’ve got a colleague, who is also an animator, and did all this animated stuff for Koozy!! Most people were saying to me, I should make it into a cartoon. I didn’t want to, but it would have lent itself quite well to animation. Do you remember those early day animations where you’d press your phone and it would be a goldfish in a blender? I wanted to play with that.” 

Milligan is set to direct more videos (“On my cameraphone,”) and hints at a third Kitten Pyramid album: “This one will be called Idiot!!!, with three apostrophes.”  We’ll leave him to work out the grammar, we’ll enjoy the video: