blair have been self-releasing music since 2019, with their first self-titled E.P acting as the early building blocks to a very stable discography. The group went on to release two more singles, titled ‘Nothing Helps’ and ‘Needle’. Both acting as the pre cursor for their hectic and swarming sound, coming in the form of their latest release, the Tears to Grow E.P. Currently, ‘blair’ are poised for a steady rise through the ranks, not only that, but I’m also comforted by the fact they present themselves as individuals, a new sense of expression is welcomed home to the ears of listeners concerned with the direction of the post rock eco-system.

The groups discography is brilliantly unhurried, tracks such as ‘” By the C” really gives the momentum of the instrumentation time to build, swampy guitars dancing with crashing symbols that are driven by the spaced-out mumblings of the lead vocal. ‘blair’ quite simply don’t feel any need to compromise their sound or how they desire to portray their music. The groups most acclaimed song is currently ‘Day One Homies’, a bold post punk monsoon, seemingly hitting the spot, amounting to over 200,000 Spotify plays. The experimental nature of the band comes hand in hand with the small time following the band currently have garnered. The group are open in the way they present their work which clearly signifies the music they are creating, comes from a place of enjoyment, this will see ‘Blair’ harness a community of listeners, which at the end of the day is only a good thing for fans of leisurely post/stoner rock.

blair do extremely well to translate the brash swagger that has been bubbling beneath the New York cobbles since the 1950s. The discography that ‘blair’ has to offer is promising and quite frankly refreshing at times, the group do well to exit the cyclical cycle of focusing their music on high paced energy, that at times feels forced and unauthentic. That is not to say that ‘blair’ lack any emotion, it is felt, just in a way that is a lot more layered, this adds a dimension of intrigue to the discography the boys from New York have to offer. 

Key Track: ‘Day One Homies’- A gem woven within the groups discography, a very hectic track that simply does not give any inkling to what’s coming round the corner.

For Fans of: Skeggs, Car Seat Headrest  and Dead Meadow.

Photo credit: Alex Sandrastar