Single Review: Sports Team – Happy (God’s Own Country)


If you needed another indication that summer is just around the corner then here it is, Sports Team are back with a gloriously punky summer anthem, and their infectious energy hasn’t gone anywhere.

Alex Rice and his fellow indie team have been working up a sweat, and dropped “Happy (Gods Own Country)” seemingly out of the blue, with only a days’ notice. This marks the first release since 2020s summer smash Deep Down Happy, which saw super accessible romping indie guitar music from start to finish and was met with glowing reviews across the board. Becoming the soundtrack to the summer (or 2020’s equivalent) with upbeat, warm wonders such as “Here It Comes Again” (HOW YA DOIN OLI?!). As well as the Ashton Kutcher song you never knew you needed in “Kutcher”. 

With “Happy” it looks like we’re in for more of the Sports Team we know and love, with Rice’s eccentric vocals taking center stage, while featuring chants you know you’ll be belting out round your mates BBQ: “DO WHAT I SAY, NOT WHAT I DO”. The entirety of the track is jam packed with multiple bouncy riffs, classic indie guitar, and perky drums. It’s certainly up there as one of the most energetic songs in Sports Team’s roster, which is saying something.

Of course, it’s an absolute travesty that Sports Team haven’t been able to perform “Deep Down Happy” at any festival since it was released in the midst of that pandemic you may have heard of. The 6 piece did perform at the BBC introducing stage at Reading and Leeds back in 2018, but since rising to prominence and widespread acclaim, have not had the chance to share their energy on the massive festival stage they deserve. Quite clearly, something the band have in mind when creating their music, designed for the perfect crowd of bucket hat wearing Strongbow drinkers to chant. So, here’s to hoping we can bask in the glory of “Happy” at the likes of Truck Fest and Leeds this year. 

Alongside the track, Rice and co have released a delightfully weird music video to accompany their latest release. Directed by Georgina Camalleri, the video features an absolutely gorgeous colour palette, with some lush autumn browns and oranges, and some beautiful shots of a burning wicker man against the black night sky. The video is very reminiscent of 2019s Midsommar and the classic Wicker Man, as well as being not too dissimilar to Radiohead’s masterpiece of a video Burn The Witch

With luck Happy (Gods Own Country) will makes waves in the indie scene and beyond, garnering all the acclaim it deserves. Here’s to another summer of Sports Team.