When stumbling upon a newfound artist, especially a band within the alternative genre, my expectations are always unclear. Fauna have found a sound that is only made possible from taking obvious inspirations, taking them to the lab, birthing music that oozes explosive swagger found within the remits of Fauna’s, current discography. 

Fauna are an alt/indie rock quartet from Manchester, comprised of two brothers Danny (vocals, guitar) and Adam (guitar), recruiting Tom (drums) and Charlie (Bass). Despite the group having only been playing together for 2 years, they have managed to define themselves, with fierce hook lines and pulsing dance rhythms that are reminiscent of the post punk revival of the early noughties. Fauna have released 4 singles, serving the purpose of introducing the groups’ identity in a way that depicts a bullish presence.

Fauna’s discography is very typical of the new wave revival, displaying warm melodic undertones in abundance. Singles such as ‘Talk to Me’ and ‘My Darling’ give a very accurate depiction into the group’s versatile song writing, within the alternative landscape. It does not take much effort to clearly understand the main contributing inspirations behind Fauna’s sound. The gritty voice and inviting melodies welcome you in as much as they explode into frantic abandon, similar to the likes of The Fratelli’s and Kings of Leon. The track ‘Didn’t Wanna’ perfectly embodies signature guitar tones that are crisp, they reflect the smooth vocal delivery that almost leaves you gasping for air. The track’s lead guitar perfectly dictates the mood of the song, releasing its warm groove. There is no doubting that the track ‘Sometimes’ has an undeniable groove that bears resemblance to 80’s disco, matching the loosely flowing corduroy coolness that is stylishly worn by the group.

Fauna’s fanbase is currently restricted to a very tight circle, seeing them currently have around 121 monthly Spotify listeners. Although the groups sound serves to be very unapologetically alternative, the apparent groove and creative instrumentation in the group’s current four singles serve to be promising for the band’s future progression. Fauna intertwine all elements of new wave within their music, however the genre of alternative rock is mistakenly becoming very saturated in terms of artists. The group mix raw energy with pulsing waves that tend to make you half expect to be standing on a dancefloor within a club setting. This is only the start of the groups tenure within the music industry, and they are most certainly armed with explosive guitars, that are primed to excite. The young Manchester based band should be on the radars of fans that aspire for unique melodies and a rawness that tends to inspire. 

Key Track: Talk To Me

For Fans Of: Catfish and The Bottlemen, Kings Of Leon and The 1975.