Introducing: Jaws The Shark

The music industry is an ocean that is forever expanding, stemming endless possibilities. Amongst the very heart of these ever-expanding boundaries is the happenings of lo-fi-grunge. This style of music has been manufactured through a big fish, in a small pond, Jaws the Shark. 

Jaws the Shark is a project that was started in 2020 belonging to former artist and tour manager, Olly Bailey.  The creation of Jaws the Shark came due to Bailey’s 7 years, spent as an artist and tour manager. Which in turn, was completely flushed of opportunity, as the murky tides of COVID crashed the shores of the industry. The spanner in the works allowed Bailey to return to his long-time love of song writing and producing, fuelled by the self-proclaimed, “unfinished business” that was surrounding Bailey’s music.

Despite the short time Jaws the Shark has been releasing music, his discography of three singles follows a blueprint that is clearly defined by the uncut raw trimmings of punk filed and polished, with quirky song writing that is propelled by the spirit of Jaws the Shark. Tracks such as ‘Andy Grey’ named after the ex-football pundit who parted ways with sky due to sexist remarks, act as a very specific reference to the corruption and unequal nature of modern society. The track is powered by echoed vocals that are centred around crashing drums and raw guitar instrumentation that sets the track up perfectly to be displayed as an anthem. 

Jaws the Shark perfectly captivates the sound of classic indie rock all coated over with a heavier sounding tarnish that certainly can be described as upholding a sound, that drips with industrial strength. Bailey’s latest single to be released, ‘Demon Dream’ is by far the most dynamic track within the discography of Jaws the Shark to date. It feels charmingly gripping, this is due to the rawness that disperses itself from start to end. There is no doubt that the tides are turning, Jaws the Shark is an indie/lofi grunge artist to remember.

Key Track: ‘Demon Dream’

For Fans of: The Clockworks, Drenge and Coach Party.