Live Review: Beadadoobe at the 02 Ritz (07/09/2021)

Music is fucking back. It’s been a while old friend.

I arrived at the Ritz on a particularly warm Tuesday. I showed my vaccine jabs to the man at the
door, received my ticket from the box office and then made my way to the cloakroom to drop off
my rucksack. As I navigated my way down the stairs to the right of the main entrance a young
lady exclaimed with great pride, “I LOVE KET!”. It was at this moment I knew tonight was gonna
be a mad one. I was unsure of what to expect after that, it feels as if it’s been years since I last
attended any type of social gathering. After queuing close to 30 mins for a pint and seeing a few
people spontaneously faint it due to the heat it didn’t take long to jog my memory. The moment arrived for the protagonist of our story to take center stage. The lights went out and a thunderous roar of applause ensued. Beatrice Laus, otherwise known as Beabadoobee radiated confidence and began an excellent gig. The Jangly intro of ‘Sun more often’ began and just like that everyone in the crowd held a first class ticket to a night of love, sweat, beer and dancing.

I looked around at the crowd as the band began to play ‘Sorry’. I started to reminisce about the
last time I saw Bea preform. It was at Gorilla directly opposite from the Ritz. One major difference this time was the crowd itself. There was a wide mix of ages rather than the majority of people being under eighteen like it was at Gorrilla. Speaking just about the music itself, it was simply refreshing. It felt as if you were in a garage watching one of your mate’s band playing. Every one on stage was having a laugh, they each looked made up just to be playing music and the obscure distorted guitar solos rattle you ear drums as they ricochet off the walls. Approximately half of the songs that she played were off her debut album ‘Fake it flowers’.
With the likes of ‘Care’, ’Dye it red’, and ‘Worth it’ making an appearance. In the encore Bea played her Song ‘Coffee’ , which was heavily sampled on the viral song ‘death bed’ by Powfu. It was a stark reminder of how talented she is. This was because of how simple the song is, yet you can’t deny that it is not a brilliant tune to sing along to and how easy it is to get stuck in your head.

As the gig came to a close the band took a bow and then took a picture with the crowd. They thank them for being their first show back and the crowd reciprocated the love with a second thunderous roar. Overall the gig was brilliant. Its encapsulated everything I personally love about gigs. Good songs, fun atmosphere and dancing with pissed up sweaty strangers. The band and everyone evolved played a blinder and I left happy, with the thought that if Beabadoobe is playing shows like this on a Tuesday, the future of music is in good hands.