Single Review: Jaws The Shark – Cold Feet

Cold Feet

Since taking grips of the seas in 2020, is there any limit to the depths that Jaws the Shark can continue to venture through his steely- seismic sound?

Jaws The Shark is back adding yet another track to what could be described as a very prolific discography. Olly Bailey has already realized 4 singles this year with ‘Cold Feet’ being the new addition to what is already a very enthralling collection of tracks.

 Jaws the Shark is a project that was started in 2020, after deciding to resign from the role of being a tour manager. The inspiration behind Olly Bailey’s solo project, Jaws the Shark, came due to Bailey’slong tenure spent as an artist and tour manager. Although this was completely flushed of opportunity due to the COVID 19 pandemic. The pause of normal everyday life allowed Bailey to return to his passion for songwriting and music production. This allowed Bailey to smooth over the edges and to complete some of his solo music.

It is fair to say that Jaws the Shark knows how to pull a listener in by the grips of his teeth. New single, ‘Cold Feet’ features the same spirited shades of the explosion that acts such as The Hives seem to carry proudly across the indie rock genre. The track makes no mistake of introducing itself to the listener in an unmistakable fashion. The instrumentation instantly all falls on top of each other; delivering a sound that is bold and anthemic.  It’s just the chaotic fuzziness of the steely sharpened guitar riffs that rebelliously collide with the drums; that almost mimics a burglary carried out to perfect timing. It’s not long until the chorus comes marching into the ears, climbing slightly brighter than the verses. Then you realize, the track fast-forwards handshakes and pleasantries and instantly trades it for a kick in the teeth.

While the track is most definitely gritty and chalky around the edges, Jaws the Shark does well to polish his projects with a tinge of stylishness; like what that of a sparkly red corvette adds to a 1950’s Californian film. The engine roars throughout the depths of Jaws the Shark’s discography, and the future is definitely looking promising through the eyes of the windscreen. It would be fair to say that some may be underwhelmed by the lack of genre-defining musicality within Bailey’s musical collection. However, for a new emerging artist, who clearly believes in his music. A fanbase will continue to expand, as the heavy grit featured within indie rock music does exactly what it says on the tin.