Single Review: Japanese Television – Bumble Rumble

Japanese Television - Bumble Rumble / Bruce Willis

After coming across Japanese Television less than a year ago I have to admit that although I ate up everything they had to offer enthusiastically in the time since then they had slipped off of my radar. I don’t know for sure if that’s my fault, their fault or some promotional middle man but after hearing their latest single Bumble Rumble I am more than willing to hold my hands up and take the heat. 

In this new track they reminded me why I fell in love with what they are doing. Before Japanese Television there were very few instrumental rock songs that I listened to, let alone instrumental rock bands, but there’s just something about everything the band, and especially their new single, touches that keeps me coming back for repeat listens. 

An incessant opening guitar riff paired with an almost mirroring bass makes you feel like you’re spinning out of control. In fact, the whole track feels like your lying in bed trying to get to sleep at the end of an acid trip but your mind keeps whirling round in circles, break every now and then into a different yet all the same frustrating never ending circle of thought. 

This is almost eery how spot on they have got this, whether that was their intention or not. What makes me believe that it just might have been intentional was the way in which it ends, again totally in line with my former analogy. There’s no soft fade out into a deep sleep, one minute you’re recycling the same thought you’ve had for the last 25 minuets around your head, the next you wake up, feeling like the person you used to be. 

All things considered I don’t care if they meant to do this or not. Japanese Television have span their way back into my consciousness and yours with Bumble Rumble.  

Bumble Rumble will be released via Tip Top Recordings on Nov 5 2021. Pre order vinyl single below