Single Review: Foals – Wake Me Up


Since the math-rock days of Antidotes, Foals have been continually developing their sound, becoming a genre-defining powerhouse of many different musical styles. While many may see Foals as an archetypal indie rock band, whose music solely resonates with people who know exactly where to find ‘My Number’ or the ‘Mountain at My Gates. The group’s new single ‘Wake Me Up’, gives a clear nod towards the sounds of the ’80s; while also encapsulating a flair that is quite obviously a trademark within the fibers of the band.

This new track is reminiscent of albums such as What Went Down and Holy Fire. The texture that is created throughout ‘Wake Me Up’ is not comprised of innovative guitar lines that will drastically spin the mind. Although the tracks sound interestingly does hold comparisons with The Talking heads. The fast-paced guitar that is rhythmically disco-inspired creates very high spirits and is all-round very colorful. Ginannis’ vocal does what it does best, vibrantly washing the melody with nuances within a vocal style that has become commonplace within an alternative scene of music.

The tone of the bassline provides a clear outline of an alternative disco track. The slight fuzz and vibrato played, acts as a tour guide for other instrumentation throughout the song. Frantic energy is conveyed through the track. This is really merited if you’re in hope of listening to something that is quintessentially Foals. The energy conducted throughout their new single is consistent through the depths of the band’s discography. However, if you are expecting to catch a glimpse of the Foals under the light of different musical lenses, then I would advise you to put on your headphones and re-familiarise yourselves with the electric originality that is apparent through earlier albums.

With this being said, ‘Wake Me Up’ draws from disco influences and is far from dull. The track is vibrant and will most certainly bring many up to the dancefloor. The only criticism of the track would be that it’s a very typical foals track, upon listening it doesn’t shock the listener to find out that it is the Foals’ new track. With a band who has cultivated many sounds from different genres like Foals, it is slightly frustrating to see they haven’t released a single that is outwardly different however it is still a strong single, nonetheless.

Photo Credit: Elliott Cooke