Introducing: Wet Leg

Is your muffin buttered? Would you like us to assign someone to butter your muffin? If either of these questions pique your interest it just might be worth giving Wet Legs ridiculous debut single Chaise Lounge a listen. After repeatedly being presented with (and ignoring) a short clip of them playing at Green Man festival I finally caved and watched the video. I was not disappointed. Their mix of catchy riffs, funny lyrics and Wes-Anderson-adjacent memorable specific style is something that is really quite hard to forget. 

Since I first came across them, the Isle of Wight natives (what have I been saying all this time??) have seemingly blown up. Whether it’s an appearance on the Jools Holland show or the incessant use of their debut single on adverts like Young Sheldon (I know, I can’t think of anything worse either.) But who can blame them for letting some television executive associate their music with what I assume is the worst show ever made, they are hot right now and no one can blame them for taking every opportunity as it comes. 

Their debut single got them picked by Domino records and the single that followed, Wet Dream, showed that they are in this for the fun of it, and not much else. I takes a stone hearted who I wouldn’t much like to meet to not fuck with everything Wet Leg have done so far. The future looks bright, even if at present we are all just laying on a Chaise Lounge having a Wet Dream. 

KEY TRACK: ‘Chaise Lounge’. Their debut and most popular song to date this is comfortably one of the best pop songs of the year.

FOR FANS OF: Beabadoobee, Porridge Radio, Dopamine 

Photo Credit: Hollie Fernando