Live Review: DMA’s at The Victoria Warehouse

Photography: Georgina Hurdsfield

The Victoria Warehouse is illuminated from the outside, tints of red coming from the Old Trafford football stadium are reflected in fiery red sparks onto the perimeter, of what I feel after tonight, could be classed as the real theatre of dreams! Upon entering the confines of the venue, I was greeted by hollow walls (that were left cemented by design) and an open-plan structure that allowed for the crowd to congregate around the sound coming from the doors. We all fell into place like a swarm of bees. We were all drawn to the prospect of hearing the sweet sounds of The DMAs, that were coming from behind the door to the stage entrance.

The set is opened with ‘Never Before’, in just a matter of moments the pitch-black venue explodes into an illumination of jubilant chaos. The ball was most definitely rolling, but I’m still caught wondering if the rails toward the front of the stage would serve any real purpose, acting as a buffer to the velocity that the crowd were already travelling at. No time to worry about that. The spot marked out in heavy red and green lighting, facing the front of the stage was my only concern. Frantic loose-limbed dancing and a bounce in the room that was purely unmistakable. It was all slightly reminiscent of how I would imagine the Madchester scene of the ’90s. A very strong start to the set and there was more that was coming. Radio success of songs such as ‘The Glow’ and ‘Silver’ only increased the decibel level heard throughout the corners of the room.

The night keeps rolling, consistently growing life song by song the heart of the crowd is bubbling steadily while coming just short of reaching a point of absolute madness. Songs from all 4 of the group’s albums are played and welcomed with a combination of screams and cheers. All the songs are being thrown at us with maximum velocity and the quality of the performance is authentically cool. All movements are carried out with purpose, there is no energy exerted by the group, that’s needed anymore or any less than what they are presenting. Chants echoing, “UP THE DMA’S” rattle around the Victoria Warehouse. It’s only a moment of admiration, before the intro chords to ‘Delete’ whisk the audience down a road of nostalgia. A perfect beckoning call that instructed all pints to refrain from being launched towards the heavens…. at least just for the duration of the song.

The stylish qualities really soaked into the fabric of the band during the encore of the show. Tommy O’Dell and Johnny Took signify an outfit that has left their mark on the stage. A heavy mix of sweat, a refined mix of everyone’s larger from their cups, and an energy spark cemented in the smiles of the returning band members. Anticipation is rewarded with a final hattrick of songs. ‘Lay Down’, ‘Appointment’ and ‘Feels Like 37’ send the lights into a frenzy of pastel colours. All of which are shadowed in the same motion of the song’s rhythm. This all culminated in a night to remember. A gig that was driven with a real sense of heart and style.


  1. The Glow
  2. Dawning 
  3. In The Moment 
  4. Silver
  5. Life is a Game of Changing
  6. Criminals 
  7. Emily Whyte 
  8. We are Midnight 
  9. Tape Deck Sick 
  10. Hello Girlfriend 
  11. Delete 
  12. Junk Trunk Head Fuck
  13. Play It Out


  1. Appointment 
  2. Lay Down
  3. Feels Like 37