News: Jethro Tull to release new album, ‘RökFlöte’ this April

Progressive rock progenitors Jethro Tull are coming back with a sparkling new album; their 23rd, and all. Since their formation in 1967, the band have continued to experiment with sound and form, culminating in a catalogue that remains one of the most fondly remembered in rock. Vocalist Ian Anderson remains their one consistant member, although The Zealot Gene demonstrated his eagerness to bring the band headfirst into the 21st century. The record featured Florian Opahle on guitar, bringing a new identity to the rock dynamics nominally played by Martin Barre. The album was considered by many critics to be a return to form for the band, re-engaging with the essence of their music to make it more palatable for a younger, more discerning audience.

The band’s metier is broad, spanning from pop, blues, psychedelia and a sidestep into a form of music that could easily be referred to as neo-classical music. The band as a quintet have performed with many of the luminaries of rock, including a memorable one at the 1968 Rock and Roll Circus, which was presented by Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones. In an interview with Far Out, Anderson gave an overview of the musicians who serve as custodians of a grand legacy. He felt versatility was key: “And they all come from different musical backgrounds, so they have to step well outside of their comfort zones, and in most cases, acquire experience and knowledge of music forms that they perhaps didn’t grow up with. Forms they didn’t study or develop an expertise in. They come from jazz or classical music and suddenly they have to play some pedantic hard rock, and maybe it seems like it’s too easy, but then it’s all about the spirit, the essence and the energy.”

RökFlöte will be released on April 21st via Inside Out Music

Photo: rockaxis