After first hearing the Icelandic singer/songwriter, Brynja, I can confidently say that her vocal elegance and tonality are something that would be perfect in many people’s playlists. Since releasing her first self-titled EP in 2018, Brynja has coined a sound that is deeply personal and captivating. Her elegant blend of lo-fi-pop, that sits seductively over a selection of rhythmic drumbeats, gives her music a contrast that is intriguing to the ear.

Brynja is an Icelandic singer/songwriter, who is based in the Netherlands. She has a background in contemporary dance which gives her music a very emotive and visual element. Her inspiration to start making music came from her time in Norway, visiting a friend, and helping her with some songs by singing additional harmonies at a Nordic Street theatre. From that moment, she became completely captivated, learning the guitar, and familiarising herself with songwriting. Since then, she has released 5 singles and one album, ‘Repeat’, all of which do well to display her versatility as an artist. Brynja’s discography is rather intriguing, seeing her blend elements of lo-fi-pop and electronic synth.

It is apparent that Brynja’s style of music is of a contemporary nature. Her alternative style of song writing allows her to effectively find the balance between writing ear lingering pop hits, such as ‘Easy’ and ‘Mildly Insane’, as well as candid songs that capture intimate storytelling, such as My Oh My’ and ‘What Scares Me’. These songs describe her feelings regarding personal growth and climate change. It’s certainly refreshing to hear an artist whose creative process is guided by an authentic drive to deliver songs that are personal as well as carefree.

The scale of Brynja’s current fanbase is undeniably in its infant stages, seeing her amount 5,000 monthly Spotify listeners. Despite this, after hearing Brynja’s evocative discography it is evidently clear that she has all the tools needed to see her fanbase flourish in time. Her alternative lo-fi-pop blend and velvet vocals are reminiscent of the likes of Arlo Parks, Matilda Mann, and German singer, Nora. I feel at ease listening to Brynja, her smooth tones mixed with dance-inspired synth beats position her music evocatively in the realm of the ever-changing landscape present in everyday life. There is definitely a lot of potential for Brynja to continue going from strength to strength as she continues being so multifaceted.

Key Track- Easy and Breathe

For Fans of Arlo Parks, Matilda Mann, and Nora

Image: Sigurour Mar