As the 21st century advances, no abatement of popular interest has occurred in electronic music, and Noisy – a Worthing based trio – are pushing it further. Despite their location, the band are producing works as urgently produced as anything that frequents a rave in Ibiza or Miami. Indeed, Cody’s vocals are taut and hypnotic, keenly placing itself on the importance of the moment, without sacrificing agency or authority in the process. Appropriately, Noisy boast an endearingly ragged, homemade quality that matches their holistic philosophies as recording artists, which might explain why the band harnessed their craft during the pandemic, when person and dance partner were forced to reconcile their ambitions with their immediate surroundings.

Besides Cody, the trio comprises a guitarist (Connor) and a producer (Spencer), earmarking an interesting hybrid of genres that brings a stylistic alteration to the tried and tested electronic format. Most impressively, there’s a certain Englishness to the track that’s almost McCartneyesque in its resolve, which suggests that the bassist could check out the trio on his future, hipper recordings.

Key Track: “Desire”: Straight from the off, the song ricochets with the force of an explosive riff. In some ways, it recalls the more esoteric works of U2 during their dance-coated era, but the vocals are singularly positioned as the band’s and band’s alone. The song anticipates the summer, from the breeziness of the production, to the thunder of the backdrop. In their interviews, Noisy have said that the songs are meant to evoke memories from summers and raves gone by, but this is an interesting time, as it presents the first summer unblighted by plague or pandemic. “Desire” presents the urges audiences feel in this post-pandemic age.

Photo: Isaac Lamb