In Focus: DKD (Different Kind Of Dough)

DKD; A Different Kind of Dough, describe themselves as a ‘new music collective bringing together a diverse coalition of artists and creatives’.  An emerging label seeking to push for positive change in music, made up of a 25-person team from various countries and backgrounds, including musical artists, graphic designers, videographers and journalists. DKD wants to elevate those voices and create a strong and supporting community of creatives.

The hip-hop boy band, Brockhampton, has been the main inspiration behind their work. Already, they have been described by Complex as ‘gay, black, white, DIY, ambitious, all inclusive, and would be pop stars’. Their final line-up boasted 13 members each with their own working role within the band, and this is something DKD has built upon and grown.  Their debut song Cypher is on Youtube now; all of it’s music and promotion created in their own house with the help of the DKD wider community. It’s launch video was shot on a low budget, and was put together to showcase the roster of talent behind the team.  

Tyla Rex, a multi-instrumentalist artist, heads up the video with a comedic rap, who just makes me laugh instantly – in the same way Maggot of Goldie Lookin Chain did back in the early 2000s.  Tyla is then joined by Soood, Amira Mercury, Dxnte, and others, all different artists on the DKD label/collective.  It’s a lot of fun to watch, and the energy is radiant, it has humour, it has swagger, it’s a house party you want to be at, and it’s, put simply, cool. The music features hard-hitting bass-heavy rap sections with melodic interludes, exhibiting the profile of each individual artist, and the DIY approach gives it this honesty that just works. This has DKD personality all over it. A bold and engaging introduction to this exciting new venture, this is the future of collaboration.