EP Review: HONESTY – Where R U


Leeds-based collective HONESTY introduces us to their sonic odyssey with the release of their debut EP, “WHERE R U,” a five-track exploration into the uncharted territories of contemporary electronic music, UK bass, garage, shoegaze, ambient, and beyond. Formed out of spontaneous sessions at The Nave in Leeds, the group, consisting of George Mitchell, Matt Peel, Josh Lewis, and Imi Holmes, exudes a mesmerising, raw and uninhibited energy throughout all five tracks of their new project. 

The particular standouts are the debut double A-side singles, “U&I” and “TUNE IN TUNE OUT,” which encapsulate the tone of the EP with their pulsating beats and an exhilarating sense of discovery. These tracks feel like a real leap into unexplored musical dimensions. Indeed, it is this genre-less, expectation-less ethos of HONESTY that makes their music a must-listen. 

Another highlight on the EP is “SEAMS” which invites listeners into a dreamscape, unraveling the threads of a relationship’s lost connections. The uncertainty portrayed in the lyrics captures the tumultuous nature of a love affair in turmoil. 

The EP’s inclusion of the original version of “MR. SPEAKER” featuring Rarelyalways is also a great moment on the project. It is a track that will transcend you into a dark, luminous cloud of smoke with synths swirling in and out of your ears. All the while, there is a clever, but subtle use of some disjointed sirens which keep you on edge. With each song, HONESTY truly crafts an electrifyingly diverse playlist.

Accompanying the EP release are the visuals for “SEAMS,” adding another layer to the immersive experience crafted by HONESTY. The dreamlike quality of the track is visually complemented, further enhancing the listener’s journey through the collective’s sonic landscape.

Excitingly, HONESTY is not merely confined to the studio; they’ve taken their sonic voyage to the stage with their first-ever public live performances. The recent shows in Leeds and Manchester mark the beginning of what promises to be an exciting journey for the collective. With upcoming performances at Simple Things Festival in Bristol next February and SXSW in March, HONESTY is poised to captivate audiences with their boundary-defying sound.

So please keep an eye on HONESTY; their honest, genre-defying approach is poised to make waves in the music scene.