London-based artist Sophia Amato, with roots tracing back to Sicilian heritage, presents a mesmerizing sonic tapestry on her sophomore EP, ‘NY/LON.’ Fusing elements of pop, R&B, and electronica, Amato collaborates with industry luminaries to produce a unique and lyrically driven sound. Drawing inspiration from her experiences during a fervent New York summer, Amato effortlessly blends genres using synths, theatrical themes, and poetic narratives.

Comprising six tracks, the EP stands as an alt R&B love letter to New York. Each track intricately narrates personal experiences, bringing you closer to Sophia and her story. Indeed, the EP’s title track, “NY/LON,” has already garnered acclaim for its enchanting tone and flawless execution. Further, the opener, “ICONS,” has similarly received much praise for its anthemic horns and synths, perfectly capturing the imposing presence of New York City. 

Other great tracks like “SUNBURN” delve into the dynamic relationship between Amato and New York, expressing a yearning for love and acceptance from the city. Also, the uniquely acapella track “RUN ON WATER” is a standout, exploring themes of resilience and personal evolution. This cordially contrasts with “CASINO” which navigates the exhilaration of having a fortunate connection in life.

Finally, the centrepiece, “ISAIAH,” supported by a 16mm shot music video, masterfully amalgamates Amato’s personal experiences, reflections on life, and the intricate emotions of bidding farewell. The artist’s theatrical background certainly is evident here, adding a cinematic quality to her music, creating an immersive experience for her audience. 

With NY/LON, Amato continues to push the boundaries of music, art, and motion-picture, inviting her audience into a world where imagination knows no bounds, with the lines between reality and dreams blurring into a mesmerizing soundscape.