Are you ready for toilet roll thieves?

Photo Credit: Anna Franques / Unsplash

Loo roll is gold.  That is all.

Where do you have your bog roll stored?

Locked up safe
Surrounded by the bloody stuff
I couldn't get any
In the bathroom

What best describes your weaponry situation?

Got a crossbow
Nothing - I got toilet roll instead
I'm in a bunker
I don't need weapons

Which best suits your situation?

I've watched Home Alone, I can set traps
I have pepper spray, pliers, a battery and jump leads
I'm a lover not a fighter, man
I'm totally screwed

How secure is your home?

Like Fort Knox
Good luck getting past the bog rolls and shopping bags
Nothing worth nicking

All 4 questions completed!

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Are you ready for toilet roll thieves?

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