IDLES release animated music video for ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’.

Currently playing festivals across the country, Idles are on top of their game. They’ve announced their biggest tour to date, and sold it out within 24 hours. Celebrating the success, Idles release a music video for the fan favourite ‘Never Fight A Man With A Perm’. 

Taking influence from arcade fighting games, the video has a cartoonized version of lead singer, Joe Talbot. He fights off all his ‘toxic masculinity’ figures he sings about. The characters are comically exaggerated in similar fashion to those of arcade games. An example being ‘Barry Biffa’ who has oversized baseball bats for arms.  

Flutter records, who directed the video described: “The idea for the “Never Fight A Man With A Perm” video came directly from the lyrics of the song and how it tackles the subject of toxic masculinity. Using a British take on the classic arcade beat ’em up platform game seemed like a cool way to put this across visually.”

Not sitting down, Idles are also promoting their new single ‘Mercades Marxist’, which receives physical release on August 2nd. The track is a raw, stream of conscious track, which will not disappoint fans of the bands latest material. The track is more personal and focuses on Talbots state of mind at the time of writing the lyrics.

Talbot explains: “I was pissed off at what I was and where I was: I was sofa surfing on the weekends and spending the weeks looking after my mum. My life balance was way off and this song reflects just how useless I felt.”

The 7 inch includes a new B-side, entitled ‘I Dream Guillotine’. Both being leftover cuts from seminal ‘Joy As An Act Of Resistance’, this is not a release to miss. The single can be pre ordered here: https://www.idlesband.com/product/mercedes-marxist-i-dream-guillotine-7-vinyl/

With a new album planned in 2020, IDLES direction is unknown, yet exciting.