credit: Dougal Gorman


The Back story – Have you ever imagined having a tune that goes viral in the first few years of being a band? This Is reality for the eccentric Aussie punk rockers The Chats. Forming in 2016 and releasing ‘Smoko’ not to long after, Josh Price (guitar), Matt Boggis (drums), and Eamon Sandwith (bass and lead vocals) charmed the world with there self described ‘Shed Rock’.

A few years on and still just as charming, The Chats have developed scrappy punk sound sprinkled with endearing Aussie humor. ‘Pub Feed’ embodies what the idea of what most of us working class desire, a pub lunch and a few pints after a long sweaty graft. 

Equally, Their latest release ‘Identity theft’ talks about the modern dilemma of buying your drugs on the internet and having you identity stolen. (Which can happen to the best of us). The band don’t try too hard to be anything they’re not which is refreshing, we look forward to seeing where this takes them and how their captivatingly simple but brilliant tunes develop with more backing. 

For Fans of: Skegs, Dune Rats, Cosmic Psychos

Key Tracks: ‘Smoko’ 

Photo Credit: Dougal Gorman