The Back Story – South London’s very own Jenifer Clark radiates Neo-soul combined with a laid back RnB beat on her new EP ‘UGH’. After an extremely successful debut Colors youtube video back in 2017 for ‘Don’t Fade’ with over 2 million views, it’s evident to see that this Lady has been rather busy over the past few years. 

Listening to ‘Half Full’, the lyrical content screams confidence and independence. In addition to these empowering words, the track includes a squelchy bass and a boom-bap beat that you can’t help but bop your head too. ‘For Keeps’ clearly demonstrates how the use of old school sampling mixed with some new school synthesis sets JGrrey apart from the rest of the class. 

To summarize, JGrrey’s silky smooth vocals, laid back beats and soulful sampling is refreshing in today’s music. Not only does JGrrey add her own artistic flair to her songs, they are brought into 2019 with modern lyricism of a seemingly nonchalant rebel. The future looks very bright for JGrrey, not grey at all. 

For Fans Of: Loyal Carner, SZA, Bille Eilish

Photo Credit: Kamaila K Stanley