In a world saturated with bands that take themselves so seriously they often stray into the realm of the ridiculous, Confidence Man own their ridiculousness like a designer brand. A mish-mash of various other Australian bands such as Jungle Giant, Moses Gun Collective and The Belligerents, this quirky psych-dance group was founded in Brisbane through a mutual love of satire, synchronised dance moves and silly pseudonyms. Siblings Janet Planet and Sugar Bones take centre stage as the dynamic duo on dissonant and sometimes seemingly non-sensical vocals while “veil boys” Clarence McGuffie and Reggie Goodchild provide keys and drums.

Perhaps not as radio-friendly as their previous single “Does It Make You Feel Good?” the bouncy new “First Class Bitch” is a comical homage to the classic look at me flex pop song and a borderline pisstake out of the new meteoric heights the group find themselves ascending to (they recently partied with U2 and Noel Gallagher). Opening with “I want it all, all that you got, all at the same time” you’d be forgiven for thinking Confidence Man were being conceited and arrogant, but a closer look tells you it’s actually all part of their assumed personalities. Speaking on the songs conception, Janet Planet said: “It all started in London, when I saw a pair of socks with the words “first class bitch” embroidered on them, hanging in a shop front window. I suddenly realised, I too was a first class bitch. I rushed back to the penthouse and penned this hit.”

A basic staple of dance music is the repetitive, thumping beat which is continuous throughout until the last 35 seconds where the synth switches the song up to give it a more disco-feel, helping to create the almost comical sense of glam and over-indulgence. Wackily worded, wild and weird – what’s not to love?

Watch the video below: