Fleetwood Mac front woman and songwriter, Stevie Nicks, has produced her first single in over six years, providing the world with a hopeful and simplistic ballad. 

After a very successful career with Grammy-award winning band Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks parted ways from sharing the stage with her ex-husband, Lynsey Buckingham, and embarked on a solo career in which she has produced a discography of singles and albums, proving her to be a highly successful solo artist away from the band.

 ‘Show Them The Way’ has come as somewhat as a surprise single for fans of the mystical singer, as she was not known to be working on music. With Greg Kursten as the producer and a band made up of Dave Grohl and David Stewart, the ballad was bound to be a soft but powerful composition. ‘Show Them The Way’ is the musical version of a dream Nicks had in which she performed in the Hampton’s in front of some of the most influence political figures the world has ever encountered, men like John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King embodied the idea of hope for a better day. The simplistic lyrics and gentle  melody of the ballad make the song easy to interpret even if completely unaware of Nicks’ dream, ‘It was just another night in the presence of Martin Luther King/I was just a dreamer/I was ready for the Kennedys/’. Although this song was written in 2011 and refers to political figures of the  1960s, ‘I don’t know if it  was 1960 or 1963’, it has a timeless nature as the beg for freedom and desperation for peace is just as relevant now as it has been for the past fifty years.

The timing of this song is perfect due to the massive political unrest that America is currently facing and is a clever approach to asking the American citizens to take control and vote for a better future. It shows Stevie Nicks carefully contemplating how to use her platform in a not-so-obvious way.

 ‘Show them the way’ is very personal to Stevie Nicks but has the ability to resonate with everyone listening and gives an overwhelming sense of hope which, right now, is very much necessary.

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