In Focus: Tom Grennan

Considering the diversity of his material, Tom Grennan might be the most familiar artist we’ve yet
introduced to our readers. But whatever success Grennan has cemented for himself -he currently
stands as one of the top 200 most streamed artists in the world- is more of a reflection of the quality of
material than anything I might be able to write. Described by British GQ as “one of the country’s
bright young musical talents”, Grennan also sports a distinctive figure, that quiff pleasantly
reminiscent of The Smiths at their most urbane.

‘Evering Road Deluxe’ (released September 3rd) expands on the original album bringing greater
context to the material, both for its character and soundscape. Having most recently collaborated with
Grammy Winning producer Calvin Harris, Grennan is well on his way to becoming the Kevin
Rowland of his generation, and much like the Dexys frontman, he can attribute his innate musicality
to the Emerald Isle from which his forefathers came.

BEST TRACK: ‘Don’t Break The Heart’-As if spurned into creative epiphany, Grennan wrote the
above track to eulogise the passing of a friend’s mother. Deeply lyrical, and written with tremendous
love for a person close to his heart, ‘Don’t Break The Heart’ is also notable for it’s slick, sophisticated
production style.Clearly Calvin Harris struck a chord on the young songwriter, eh?

FOR FANS OF: Dexys, The Smiths, Oasis, Robbie Williams.