News: black midi release ‘Cavalcovers’ EP

It was inevitable that black midi’s Taylor Swift cover would be bootlegged numerous times when they released it as a limited flexi disc; one of five fan-voted covers doled out like sweets with the pre-orders of their Cavalcade album. Today, to the delight of collectors and fans alike, black midi revive 3 of these covers, and wave goodbye to scratchy dropbox recordings in exchange for a Spotify drop, all in high quality.

While giving a new breath of life to King Crimson, Taylor Swift, and Captain Beefheart, the band showcase their diverse talents, alongside providing some humorous studio banter (Crimson receives the R2-D2 treatment!). Members also share vocal duties for the first time in their career on King Crimson. Being a long time fan, Simpson later appeared on a podcast with KC’s own Bill Buford which can be heard here.

Listen to all 3 tracks below