Introducing: Livan Garcia-Duquesne

A French-Spanish songwriter of certain fortitude, Livan Duquesne demonstrates an attack on his instrument that’s deeply Continental in inflection and flair. Based in England, LG Duquesne creates a sense of space and purpose in a song selection that’s undeniably lyrical and reverent of the characters who inhabit the space. Between arpeggios and chord breaks comes a back catalogue of intrigue, suspense, serendipity and romance. 

Caught in the urgency of the track, LG Duquesne’s live performances have a feverish element to them, on the understanding that the live orbit is the purest setting for his work. The songs are rife with tempo and theatrical changes, capturing an artist who could very well have made a name for himself in the 1970s. Etched on the backdrop of his heroes, LG Duquesne is original, creating a voice that’s unique to him and him alone. 

Indeed, there’s a fire in his belly, which likely stems from the Continent, but there’s also a Celtic element to his work, which is fitting, because it’s laced with yearning, longing and vulnerability. Time latches on, but music remains constant, whatever the political and geographical changes. 

KEY TRACK: ‘The Desert Breaks’: Burning with ambition, and pleasantly produced, the song recalls the foibles of life, bolstered by a strangely humble vocal delivery. The song is perfectly made for a live setting, capturing the intimacy and pleasantries of a Friday night out. Dutifully, the song gets more frenzied the longer it goes on, as it matching the energy of the listeners sitting at the stage. 

FOR FANS OF: Steve Howe, Brian May, Bob Dylan, Paco Bell.