Kevin Morby has announced his sixth studio album, Sundowner, set for release 16th October, via Dead Oceans. With this announcement he has given us a little preview by releasing the first single from the LP, ‘Campfire’, along with a video featuring Morby’s partner, Katie Crutchfield (aka Waxahatchee).

The work on Sundowner started back in 2017, when Morby moved back to Kansas City from Los Angeles, while he was finishing up his 2019 album, Oh My God. Using a Four Track Tascam model 424, Morby was inspired to write this album, a collection of songs that came together quickly and effortlessly. In a press release, Morby said: “I wrote the entire album wearing headphones, hunched over the 424, letting my voice and guitar pass through the machine, getting lost in the warmth of the tape as if another version of myself was living on the inside, singing back at me. I was mesmerized by the magic of the four track not only as a recording device, but also an instrument, and considered it my songwriting partner throughout the whole process.”

Single ‘Campfire’ sees Morby pay homage to those who have passed; Jessi Zazu, Richard Swift and Anthony Bourdain. He writes that he “saw them again, woven into the fabric of the new songs as their names fell out of my mouth and into the Tascam.” Check out the video below, directed by Johnny Eastlund and Dylan Isbell.

Along with the album announcement, Kevin Morby has also announced a “virtual tour” in lieu of his tour in the United States this Spring just gone, on the Noon Chorus platform. Beginning on 10th September, Morby will be performing each of his albums, every week, in chronological order thus finishing on his new release, Sundowner, on 15th October.


01 Valley
02 Brother, Sister
03 Sundowner
04 Campfire
05 Wander
06 Don’t Underestimate Midwest American Sun
07 A Night at the Little Los Angeles
08 Jamie
09 Velvet Highway
10 Provisions